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Böllhoff quality

We don't leave good quality to chance - at Böllhoff it is systematically planned. Interdisciplinary teams working in close collaboration with our customer’s pre-plan quality into all new processes and products.

Outstanding quality management system
TÜV certification

Böllhoff is a quality-oriented service provider and partner to innovative industries. We serve the automotive and aerospace industries, machinery and plant makers, electrical engineering companies and the manufacturers of sheet metal and plastic products.
Customers define their own technical specifications. Where requested, our application experts will provide assistance with defining specifications and their feasibility in production. Our customers benefit from Böllhoff quality by avoiding unnecessary costs and through maximum process reliability. Once a quality specification has been decided we make sure it is implemented to the letter. It comes as no surprise that we are A-class suppliers to many companies and have been awarded Supplier of the Year and other industry accolades.

Clearly defined quality standards implemented by expert, committed employees
Schulung Böllhoff Mitarbeiter

Our employees are expert, motivated and well trained. They receive regular further training as part of their ongoing commitment to fulfilling the quality specifications of our customer’s day in, day out. Our products must be as reliable in a household appliance as in a car or an Aerospace application. At Böllhoff maximum product and service quality comes naturally.

Qualified suppliers and controls on incoming materials

Quality from day one


The first important step for ensuring the highest quality specifications is selecting suitable suppliers for raw materials, semi-finished products and fasteners. Long-term partnerships with suppliers are our guarantee of safety and reliability. In clearly defined audits, we regularly check that all processes are being adhered to on site at our suppliers.
Our suppliers must undergo a multi-stage qualification procedure before they are authorised to supply. Site visits to supplier facilities play an important part in this process. We like to inspect manufacturing processes, quality management, and process reliability and test equipment in person, on site. If first impressions are positive we then perform tests and controls on various trial deliveries.

Reliable production thanks to preventive quality management planning of processes and products
CASQ-it 9000 - The modular approach

CASQ-it 9000
The modular approach

Before the start of production an inter-departmental team plans and specifies all the production, assembly and test processes which could have an effect on the quality of manufactured components or environmental factors.
We implement the following processes here:

  • Failure mode and effect analysis (FMEA)
  • Initial environmental assessment
  • Preparation of detailed production and work plans
  • Preparation of quality management and test plans
  • Machine capability studies
  • Process capability studies
  • Preventative maintenance

Specially trained employees check day-to-day production at SPC measuring stations using detailed inspection and test specifications. At the customer's request we then perform 100% checks using state-of-the-art digital technology.

Supporting our customers in development and design

Böllhoff application engineering is the comprehensive consultancy service which advises customers about the technical aspects of new designs and assists them with the optimisation of existing applications. Our objectives are to help customers improve their products while at the same time enabling reductions in production costs. Our applications technology engineers are committed to keeping the range of parts to a minimum, simplifying assembly procedures, reducing the use of materials and offering advice on alternative technical solutions, which may be necessary, for example, due to changes in legislation.
Our customers benefit from Böllhoff's expertise in the fields of buying, storage, assembly, engineering and product improvement. Where requested we can also organise technical seminars at customer sites.


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