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Automatic processing of RIVTAC® tacs!

The new RIVTAC® automation system for stored feeding, consisting of setting tool, station, valve unit as well as power and control unit, enables fully automatic joining with process monitoring. It is designed for high volume applications and provides maximum flexibility in production planning.

Benefits of the RIVTAC® Technology

  • Joining without pre-punching in case of one-sided accessibility
  • Reduction of joining and cycle times to a minimum
  • Joining of high-strength materials
  • Flexible application for mixed joints, multiple-layer joints and hybrid joints
  • Optimal possibility of combination with adhesion technology

RIVTAC® High-speed joining - The innovative joining process for numerous materials!

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The innovative high-speed joining process
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Automatic processing of RIVTAC® tacs!

  • New, fully automatic RIVTAC® system for stored feeding

    New, fully automatic system for stored feeding


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