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Light Car was joined with 400 RIVTAC® elements

Already at the IAA 2009 in Frankfurt, the EDAG group, a global development service provider and also customer of Böllhoff, presented as a world premiere the project “Light Car” with its innovative exterior design and unique design concept for the future electric vehicle.

In 2010 the EDAG group presented the further technical development of the closely followed Concept Car “Light Car - Open Source” in Geneva, a development that combines the latest lightweight construction material, semi-finished products and state-of-the-art joining technology.

From the front to the rear bumper the Light Car consists of a special section tube made from steel and aluminium. To join these different materials a special mechanic joining technique was required. In Böllhoff the EDAG group found the partner who was able to offer the corresponding technology: The high-speed joining with RIVTAC®.

For this Concept Car innovative joining technology for joining aluminium, steel and fibre-reinforced composites also in composite construction was applied. Components can be joined in remarkable speed without the need of pilot hole operations. This technique is especially qualified for joining at bending-resistant flanges and for closed profiles as are found in many places in the Space-Frame structure of the EDAG “Light Car - Open Source”.

At several positions where the material of the frame varies, this combination of materials was joined by applying RIVTAC® in combination with adhesive bonding. This is the connection of the aluminium-B-pillar and the aluminium-rear-end of the vehicle with the steel profile sill. The planking of the special section tube was also done using RIVTAC® and adhesive bonding. Planking components are the splashback made from carbon fibre reinforced plastic/aluminium sheet metal, the floor pan and the rear seat made of aluminium-sheet metal as well as 4 carbon fibre reinforced plastic (CFRP) - “gusset plates” in the roof frame. Altogether 400 RIVTAC® elements were applied in the Concept Car.

This vehicle was presented as “Rolling Chassis” from the 4th to the 14th of March at the Geneva auto show.

+ www.edag-light-car.com
+ www.edag.de


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EDAG – Light Car


    RIVTAC® tack for the innovative mechanical joining process in not pre-punched joining parts

  • Light Car –

    Light Car – "Rolling Chassis"

  • Light Car mit gesetzten RIVTAC® Bolzen

    Light car with set RIVTAC® elements

  • Light Car mit gesetzten RIVTAC® Bolzen

    Light car with set RIVTAC® elements

  • Light Car mit gesetzten RIVTAC® Bolzen

    Light car with set RIVTAC® elements


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