Vibration and noise-decoupling fastening system

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The fastening system for quick installation

The two-piece SNAPLOC® fastening system consists of a ball stud and a coupling for quick installation and is based on the principle of a simple snap connection.



Since plug-in connections only consist of two component parts, they are easy to assemble and detach.

SNAPLOC® joints can be integrated into the design of the corresponding components.


SNAPLOC® plug-in connections consist of a ball stud and a coupling. Inside the coupling there is a ball socket the ball stud can snap into.
The coupling is mounted to the bottom of the corresponding components into the provided frame and held there closed formed.
The ball stud can be screwed, adhered or clipped onto the corresponding components.

Joining by plugging in and removing by pulling ensure an ideal fit.


Product types

SNAPLOC® ball studs

  • SNAPLOC® stud with external thread

    Metal-plastic combination with external thread

    • Ball stud with metal external threads
    • Available in the most different thread forms
  • SNAPLOC® stud with internal thread

    Metal-plastic combination with internal thread

    • Ball stud with metal internal threads
    • Available in the most different thread forms
  • SNAPLOC® K’ in K’ – securely screwed into plastic

    SNAPLOC® K’ in K’ – securely screwed into plastic

    • Due to special developed thread profiles, SNAPLOC® with K’ in K’ function enables a solution for self-tapping screw connections

    Solid plastic in clip form

    • Fastening by simple clipping into an opening
    • Especially suitable for applications for which no thread or stud can be inserted in the component
  • SNAPLOC® ball studs for injection molding

    Solid plastic for injection molding

    • Ball studs which are suitable for the insertion into injection molding tools and for the process of in-molding
SNAPLOC® couplings

  • SNAPLOC® couplings

    Couplings for mounting domes

    • Can be automatically or manually plugged into the corresponding receiving openings
    • No additional tool required
    • Very short assembly time
  • SNAPLOC® couplings

    Coupling for plate fastenings

    • Are fastened in a drill hole or square opening by simple impression


SNAPLOC® applications are employed in many fields of different industries such as


1st tail light fastening with SNAPLOC®

  • Mechanical engineering
  • Automotive engineering
  • Medical engineering
  • Rail traffic
  • Aviation
  • Construction machinery
  • Consumer electronics
  • etc.

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