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Safe and reliable fastening technology to protect man and the environment

As a leading system supplier for fastening and assembly technology and as an international service provider, Böllhoff is a recognized partner to manufacturers of oil, gas and chemicals industry and their suppliers.


High loads, requires high quality of fasteners

Products of the oil, gas and chemicals industry are exposed to very extreme influences. The individual components have to cope with all kinds of weather, the continuous application of force as well as irregular loads and maintenance.
This means that especially stringent demands are made on the fasteners used in this sector. This calls for comprehensive know-how about fastening technology and high-quality stainless steels.

Böllhoff – Your expert for fastening technology

Oil, gas and chemicals industry

Supply chain

Optimize your supply chain with our joints!

  • Application engineering – ECOTECH

    Research and development

    • Knowing future trends
    • Innovation management through company R&D
    • Application engineering
    • Up-to-date CAD data technology
  • Purchase and logistics

    Purchase and logistics

    • Reduced number of suppliers
    • Cooperation with a reliable and strategic partner
    • Delivery reliability due to an own production
  • Production


    • Flexible production capabilities
    • Recognized production planning know-how
    • Diverse assembly solutions
    • Machining of elements and processing systems
    • Increase in your assembly efficiency due to competent service support during the project processing
  • Salt spray testing


    • Certified quality management
    • Certified testing laboratory according to DIN EN ISO/IEC 17025
    • Certified environment management according to DIN EN ISO 14001
    Quality management


Case study with reference to the LESER GMBH


LESER GMBH – www.leser.com

With over 700 staff, LESER is Europe's largest producer of safety valves and a global market leader in this sector. With a capacity exceeding 130,000 valves per year, production takes place at a modern plant located at Hohenwestedt, Germany. LESER safety valves protect both man and the environment in the fields of chemicals, petrochemicals, industrial gases, oil and gas production.

+ www.leser.com

Learn more about the starting point to the solution

Starting point

LESER GMBH – compressor

The company was looking for a framework agreement supplier offering C-parts and special parts together with the relevant logistical services. It also wanted this supplier to supply special fasteners complying not only with Leser's works standards but also meeting ASTM and European materials standards.

Böllhoff's solution

Based on the special product range for the oil, gas and chemicals industry, Böllhoff and its supply partners worked closely with the departments concerned at Leser to come up with an individual framework agreement catering for the needs of the customer. This has already been in place for several years and is extended to include new products each time it is renewed.

Customer benefits at a glance

  • Knowledge of future trends
  • Innovation management thanks to in-house research and development
  • Development partnerships with industry and research institutes
  • Technical application consultancy service
  • In-house prototyping and test facilities
  • In-house test laboratory accredited to DIN EN ISO/IEC 17025
  • Modern CAE technology

Application engineering - ECOTECH

Application engineering – ECOTECH

The ECOTECH (Economic Technical Engineering) service allows companies from the oil, gas and chemicals industry to benefit from applications advice from competent engineers.
Their industrial know-how and advice from Böllhoff covers all areas of fastener technology, corrosion protection and screw retention. The simultaneous standardisation and optimisation of fasteners in the development stage makes assembly easier and reduces tool costs.
Given the ever faster technological development and the increased competitive pressure, this service offers the oil, gas and chemicals industry a crucial advantage.

Do you want to know more about application engineering – ECOTECH?

Case study with reference to the BOGE KOMPRESSOREN (compressors)


BOGE KOMPRESSOREN – www.boge.com

Whether screw or piston compressors, complete installations or individual units - BOGE from Bielefeld can satisfy a whole range of requirements and the highest demands. Following presentation of the RFID technology and registration of BOGE's requirements the multibin system was then replaced by the RFID Bin System at the company's production site in Bielefeld.

+ www.boge.com

Learn more about the C-part management system ECOSIT® RFID BIN

Customer benefits at a glance

  • Worldwide supply
  • 24-hr service
  • Classical supply to the incoming goods department
  • Single or multibin system
  • RFID technology
  • Quality management certified to ISO/TS 16949
  • Environmental management certified to DIN EN ISO 14001
  • In-house test laboratory accredited to DIN EN ISO/IEC 17025
  • Successful cooperation with leading companies in the oil, gas and chemicals industry


C-part management system ECOSIT® RFID BIN

All relevant part data are stored on the RFID tags of the container labels. Once a container is empty, it is immediately placed in a collection box.
The antenna above this bin reads the data on the RFID tag and transmits it to Böllhoff's ERP system.
As this process only takes a few seconds and does not involve manual intervention, the delivery process becomes significantly faster and more flexible.
New goods are always supplied in a clean bin.
All bin data can be viewed online at any time and subjected to analysis. This ensures 100% transparency for all goods movements and consumption levels.

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Oil, gas and chemicals industry

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